Training & Support

Our highly experienced staff offers training on any of the products and/or services we sell. These services can be performed on-site or remotely, either one-on-one or as a group. We will provide you with all of the necessary tools needed to make you as efficient as possible.

Our support department is staffed by highly trained, certified and experienced personnel, they are not call-center employees. Our technicians are qualified to address all of the IT needs of small to midsized businesses. They are able to provide on-site, remote system connection, phone, fax, or email support on: network connectivity, servers & workstations, Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, application access, remote access, printing, audio/video, telecommunications, security, automation, website, email, and any other customer-covered items. This relieves the customer-designated contact(s) from having to act as conduits for all issues and enables organizations to get the support they need immediately with no capital outlays or hiring costs.