System Cabling

Our experience shows that the small to medium size client often does not get the technical expertise or resources from their technology vendor that the larger client may get. With our company, we believe that all clients deserve the best resources and advise. Structured cabling is the most important component of any network. If our installation fails to deliver, we will repair or replace it at no charge.

Wiring for today’s networks require much more than simply ‘pulling some wire’. The most important part of a data and voice network is the cable it rides on. If the cable fails, your network fails. Statistics show that 75% of poor network performance is caused by improper cable techniques and installation. Furthermore, it often isn’t discovered until months later which result in many wasted hours and dollars. At this point you now need to turn to the installing vendor who may not resolve the problem to your expectation. Don’t be fooled by a ‘good’ price and don’t take this risk because in the end, the client is the one that looses. Our goal is for our clients to NEVER have a need for a cable related service call!